‘Though the earth give way’


I read in the New York Times some weeks ago that there are increasing numbers of young couples getting married with the intention of not having children.

And their decision is not a selfish one, to spare themselves the enormous task and cost of parenting, but in many cases a sad and joyless one. The reason they give is that they cannot bear to bring children into the world, because they are so afraid of what the earth’s climate is going to be like in the lifetime of any child born today. I don’t think I had that fear when my wife and I rejoiced in God’s gift of four children, forty years ago, but what about our grandchildren? Like that Christian bookseller, we have ‘10 of Those’ and, to be honest, I am indeed fearful for what they may be facing by the middle of this century…

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Data protection: be ready!


From 25 May 2018 it is a legal requirement for every organisation (including churches and all charities) to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

This dictates how you can use people’s personal data.

Imagine this: it’s the first morning of your church’s holiday club; volunteers are buzzing around; parents and children are beginning to wander through the door. Excitement is mounting. You’re ready with your registration sheet to take names, addresses, phone numbers and dietary information for the children in your care, so that you can keep in contact with the family…

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A marriage refreshed


Graham Heaps with a personal reflection on coming through a rough patch

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Re-jigging our colleges


I met with Mike Ovey before his untimely death.

We sat together in a coffee shop on Waterloo Station. He was concerned that a substantial percentage of the men who trained at Oak Hill were not lasting in the ministry. He talked of a ten-year watershed: if he could get them to hang on past that, then they would stay for life. But before that many dropped out. He got me thinking: are we training men for the ministry in the right way?…

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Heresy and heartache


Melvin Tinker reflects theologically on the half-truths of prominent Anglican, Jayne Ozanne

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The fight for our attention


You are having a conversation with someone when your phone buzzes, what do you do?

Pete Nicholas on the fight for our attention

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