Theology of a boat-rocker


Jordan Peterson has become a YouTube phenomenon.

He is a 50-something Canadian, clinical psychologist and Professor at the University of Toronto. His lectures attract thousands online as he vigorously takes on all kinds of subjects including the wrongness of politically-correct orthodoxy which is crippling free speech and ruining universities across the Western world.

He is rocking the boat of Western liberalism and, because he articulates many ideas with which contemporary Christians can identify (and often have already voiced), he is sometimes spoken of as being ‘the nearest thing to a Christian without actually being one’. But though we can admire him and benefit from his wisdom, reading his book 12 Rules for Life1 gives us a clearer grasp of where he is actually coming from.

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Social credit ratings?


I never used to worry about privacy laws.

I just naively thought: ‘I’ve got nothing major to hide. So, no problem?’

But times have changed. Facebook is in trouble. Mark Zuckerberg, who famously started the Internet enterprise from his room at Harvard in 2004, felt constrained to take out adverts in newspapers to apologise. The online giant had failed to prevent the personal information of 50 million Facebook users being harvested in 2014 without their consent. The now defunct political consultancy, Cambridge Analytica stands accused of using the data to try to influence US elections. Similar Internet shenanigans by the Russians are alleged. For all our pin numbers, passwords (who can remember them all?) and encryption, it seems that the computer age has left us digitally vulnerable.

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The June issue of en is out now!


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Uganda: Convert attacked


A week after a young Muslim in eastern Uganda turned to Christ, relatives attacked him with hot cooking oil on 10 March.

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Pakistan: Refused help


Medical staff and security guards at a major government hospital in Lahore, Pakistan killed a Christian father of four and injured five members of his family on 26 March, Morning Star News reported.

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Understanding depression


Why are you cast down, O my soul? (Psalm 42)

Why are you weighed down, as if under a heavy burden? That seems to be the image the psalmist uses, and it captures well the experience we call depression today. Depression is hard. We feel numb. We are weakened and brought low by this heaviness. And it won’t easily go away. Ed Welch has aptly called it a stubborn darkness.

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The Church keeps on growing


A new church was launched in Sandbach, Cheshire on Easter Sunday.

Grace Church Sandbach is a church plant involving about 50 members from Wheelock Heath Baptist Church in Winterley, Cheshire.

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Christian doctrine in Turkey


A joint commission of Turkey’s major Christian denominations published an historic book of concise Christian doctrine in February.

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Defying God’s limitations


Doping. It’s a word that rears its ugly head all too often in the world of sport. Already in 2018 there have been a series of drug scandals, while the international sporting community is still coming to terms with the scale of Russian state-sponsored doping…

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The blood of martyrs leads to growth of the Darfur church


The brutal killing of a pastor and his family has caused the church in Dafur to grow rapidly, it was reported in March.

Pastor Stephen lay asleep at home after a day of open-air evangelistic ministry in one of the slums of Darfur, a mainly Muslim area of Sudan. He had prayed with 56 new believers who made the decision that day, 1 March, to leave Islam and follow Christ…

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