Why do I still?…


‘This is your last hill – and I can tell you, you are going to be crying. But hey you want to make a move, you want to change’. So says my American virtual spin class tutor over the speakers as I strive to keep up. The idea is to give you motivation to keep going when things are tough and you feel like giving up.

But why is change so hard for us? You might ask: ‘Why after 32 years do I still not squeeze the toothpaste tube properly’; or ‘Why do I still binge eat?’ ‘Why do I still look at porn?’; ‘Why do I still get angry with my husband?’; ‘Why can’t I trust God rather than be anxious all the time?’; etc.

Small or massive change seems to involve pain and struggle with small incremental steps forward and some backsliding. It all seems painfully slow at times.

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