Can you do better?

A diverse, packed meeting in Oxford during April 2016 saw the launch of this book, the aim of which is self-explanatory.

Arguably, few concerns are more vital, given Islamic State terrorism, the murder of an Ahmadi in Glasgow by a Sunni, intensifying Muslim outreach towards Christians and others, and the election of a Muslim as Mayor of London.

Ida asked, with characteristic humility, that ‘if anyone can do better,’ (to answer how to think biblically about Islam) ‘please do’! Her central point was that Islam was a reversal of the Transfiguration – where the Law (represented by Moses) and the Prophets (by Elijah) find their climactic fulfilment in Jesus, something Islam rejects. She asked whether we could move beyond the trauma of events (like the Lahore bombing), to forgiveness and celebration of survival.

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