Abkhazia: Beacon of light


War-torn Abkhazia, a partially recognised republic of Georgia, has seen a number of children coming to Christ in recent months.

Many in the area are involved with crime and suicide attempts are frequent. Children also live under the spiritual oppression of the pagan traditions. In such conditions, the teenage club at the church is a beacon of light for teenagers in the town. It is a place for children to develop, learn new things, and spend quality time together.

A team of OM students have partnered in the mission work there. They formed friendships with the children and organised children’s ministry twice a week.

One local child was ten-year-old Tamila,* who got very curious. Sometimes she took a Bible and sat next to the students. She was perplexed by a book without pictures.

After prayer one evening, Tamila suddenly whispered: ‘I really want to be like you, be a Christian. What should I do for it?’

The students shared the gospel and suggested she pray. Tamila called on God: ‘I know that Jesus loves me so much, and died for my sins.’

Now Tamila likes to read the Bible with the students one-on-one. It has become the most important and precious thing for her. She takes it everywhere.

One day Tamila left her jacket at the church, and when her mother came to pick it up, she said: ‘My daughter has several jackets, and there is a Bible in each of them.’

* name changed.