Resourcing and realities of ministry in areas of poverty

20schemes has launched a new website in response to their growing worldwide audience. Equip is a site dedicated to articles, book reviews, videos, their podcast, and much more. All content relates directly to ministry in hard communities around the world. It also highlights content written from various difficult contexts around the world.

This site is more than just a blog; it is a bank of resources. The site launched with hundreds of unique articles, organised by topic, relevant to ministry among the poor. The topics include things like addiction, abuse, suicide, mental health, and pastoral ministry.

In the ‘Uncut’ podcast, Mez McConnell interviews practitioners serving among the poor. Songs composed by and for those living in poor communities will also be available. 20schemes Equip will tell the story behind the songs and provide lead sheets so others across the UK and the world might sing them. Training courses are also being developed to provide certifications in various aspects of urban ministry, with specialisms for women’s workers, church planters, youth and children’s workers, biblical counselling, and more.

All Equip content will be very clearly directed at those involved in ministry to the poor. No matter where you are or what your role is, if you are seeking to evangelise, disciple, or lead a church in an area of poverty, then we hope this will become an essential go-to resource for you.

Hard times in the schemes

The past few Autumn months have been difficult for the church plants of 20schemes. One congregation experienced the death of a baby boy. A scheme lad, who once made a profession of faith but had fallen away, was found dead. The wife of one of the church planters died unexpectedly. Chris Davidson, a church planter in Inverness tweeted: ‘Tough times in Merkinch. Two of our lads that we have been discipling have just been charged and sent to prison. One other lad was stabbed at the weekend and another lad who didn’t turn up was the boy who did the stabbing.’

The times are dark and the enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. However, during these times of pain and sorrow God’s faithfulness has been on display through the tears. One of the 20schemes team said: ‘It has been such an encouragement to see these church families come together and love and serve one another so deeply. The phrase “church family” is much more than a Christian cliché, but a very life-sustaining reality that has, and will continue to, bring us out of the darkness of grief.’

Please pray for the 20schemes congregations, planters and staff to persevere. Pray for the light of the gospel to continue to break through the darkness that hangs so heavily over the schemes of Scotland. Pray that we will see souls saved and brought from death into life.