Musical Excellence and Doctrinal Rigour is Awesome

Awesome Cutlery
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For many people, child-friendly Christian music is something to be at best tolerated rather than embraced. But what if instead of twee tunes and theological fluff there was a group that was actually producing musically excellent and doctrinally rigorous music enjoyed by adults and children alike?

Thankfully, three years after the release of their debut album, Gareth Loh and Dan Adams are back with a new collection of songs which will richly serve Christian families and the local church.

Bible truths addressed…

One of the great strengths of Awesome Cutlery is their commitment to addressing a broad range of biblical themes, including some that kids’ song writers are tempted to neglect. Songs about God’s eternity and eschatology, faith union and humanity, natural theology and pneumatology, can all be found on All Together Now alongside a quartet of songs focussed on the life and work of Jesus.

… and grounded

Eponymous heroes Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy are on hand throughout, in a series of brief comic sketches, which provide an opportunity to ground the biblical truths.

As with their debut album, there is certainly a handful of songs that will immediately translate comfortably into use within the local church. The opening track ‘Lift Up Your Voices’ is an energetic God-glorifying call to worship that would be at home at the start of a church service, while the standout track of the album ‘We Are The Church’ overflows with rich allusions to Ephesians throughout. I firmly expect that All Together Now will soon be on repeat in homes across the nation, using catchy tunes to embed God’s truth into the minds of God’s people!

Stui Chaplin, Pastor of Bush Hill Park Community Church and Keswick Convention Kids Team Leader