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‘A Christian mind is not one that is trained to think only about Christian topics. It is a mind that has learned to think about everything from a Christian perspective.’

So begins every episode of the Black Berea podcast. It’s a great summary of what the very best Christian podcasts are all doing. Podcasts give us a chance to hear conversations between Christians bringing their faith to bear on a huge range of subjects, and as we listen, we also learn to think. Black Berea has tackled everything from relationships and friendships to evangelism in the workplace, Grenfell Tower, money, Kobe Bryant, mental health and knife crime in the last couple of years.

Black Berea is produced by a group of young black British Christians based in London who have a particular passion for speaking into their culture and demographic with the good news of Jesus – but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this podcast is only for that demographic. These Bereans who are committed to searching the Scriptures have plenty to teach the whole church. I’m white, middle-aged and live on a farm, but I’ve loved listening to their perspective on a whole range of issues.

Where to start?

There’s much more to the podcast than this, but I strongly recommend listening to the episodes about race, especially: Episode 1 ‘The Introduction’; Episode 3 ‘Race and the Gospel’; Episode 57 ‘Black Brit-ish?’; and Episode 62 ‘Racism and Riots’. It’s not always comfortable listening but it is important, perhaps especially if you’re not in a church with a diverse congregation.

Ros Clarke

Ros Clarke hosts the weekly Church Society podcast.

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