Ten Questions: Josep Rossello

1 How did you become a Christian?

I was 20 years old when I had a supernatural encounter with God. Nobody had shared the gospel, neither had I read the Bible or a gospel tract; in fact, I did not know any Christian. It was God’s revelation that bought me into repentance and faith in Christ, followed by a voice leading me to visit an evangelical church in Alicante.

2 What lessons have you learnt since that you would want to pass on to a younger Christian version of yourself?

Not everyone who says Jesus, Jesus, is a follower of Jesus. Be slow to share your heart and vision, as many people will be a threat and try to stop you in all possible ways. However, don’t dismay: the Lord will be there, always. Trust and follow Him.

3 How would you describe your prayer life?

Like a paella (Valencian dish), it has a lot of things in the dish, but the main ingredient is Jesus. Prayer reflects where I am in my walk with Jesus.

4 Which two or three Christian books apart from the Bible have most influenced your faith?

The Contemporary Christian by John Stott. It was just amazing reading as a new Christian.

Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin. I drank it as if it was the best Italian espresso.

The Book of Common Prayer. It formed my spirituality and prayer life.

5 Who or what have been your biggest Christian influences?

That’s a hard question to answer, as various people influence me through my life. I would say Ricard Colom (founder of Ajuda Evangelica), as he discipled me, took me to my first mission trips, and invested in my faith. He was a friend and a mentor in my first years as a Christian.

6 What are the main challenges you believe Christians face today?

Holistic discipleship, not only Christian knowledge, but also a life-changing experience and a sense of purpose and destiny. It feels the church in UK and Europe are too comfortable within their culture and the spirit of the age.

7 What encourages and what discourages you?

The vision of God’s Kingdom encourages me, as well as discipleship and the church. It discourages me that there is too much talk, and too little reality and authenticity, also all the marketing strategies and programmes used by the churches.

8 What makes you laugh?

Yes, Prime Minister and Mr Bean hahahahaha

9 What would you want to say to the wider evangelical world?

Don’t ask what you should do to grow your church. Ask what is a disciple, what is it to be a disciple, and make disciples. We have become really good doing church members, but we are not so good making disciples.

10 Which Biblical person do you most look forward to meeting in glory and why?

Ezra. He made Israel’s sin as if it was his own. He led Israel into repentance and God’s people to a spiritual awakening. Also, Ezra 10:4 has been a constant verse in my life. Bishop Josep Rossello, who was born in Spain, has been pastor of Christ Church Exmouth in the Free Church of England since 2019.

Photograph: Travelling by ‘hoof-power’ in Miranda State, Venezuela

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