For parents under pressure

Spiritual recovery for the special needs parent
By Diane Dokko Kim
Worthy Publishing. 224 pages. £12.40
ISBN 978 1 683 971 344

‘He is God. We are not.’ is typical of the direct way in which this book deals with the realities of having a child diagnosed with a disability.

Unbroken Faith confronts the turmoil with which every special or additional needs parent lives, from the moment that stark news of a diagnosis is handed down.

Someone who gets it

Why is it so outstanding? Because it is written by someone who gets it. Someone whose faith has been tried and tested by the news of her son’s autism. Someone whose hopes and dreams of ‘how things should have turned out’ were shattered.

Diana Dokko Kim reaches into the confusion, questioning, exhaustion and desolation, yet she doesn’t leave the reader there. She points them to our loving sovereign God through a series of short chapters. Each takes a scenario with which every special needs parent will identify, such as ‘What more could I have done?’ She links the scenario to a passage of Scripture on which she reflects so relevantly. Every chapter ends with ‘Unbreakable Promises’ from God’s word, a short prayer and questions for further thought.

Primarily for special needs parents and carers, this book provides much-needed strength and encouragement to persevere through sadness, loss and desperation. It would be helpful for pastors and church workers to read this book, as it gives real insight into living with disability 24/7, 365 days a year. And if you are asking yourself how you could better support that family struggling with these issues, this is for you too.

Andrew Cook, Abingdon. Father and carer to a young adult with a disability.