If you’re not a natural evangelist, listen to this!


I’m not a natural evangelist. I find it hard and the outcomes are rarely encouraging. I need regular pep talks in order to keep persevering with it.

That’s where the PEP Talk Podcast comes in! The Persuasive Evangelism Podcast, aka PEP Talks, comes from the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, based in Scotland. The podcasts are hosted by Andy Bannister and Kristi Mair, and take the form of 20-minute interviews with guests ranging from a comedian (Joel Turner) to a Professor of English Literature (Karen Swallow Prior). Each shares something of their own work and life, as well as their passion for evangelism. For me, that’s the real ‘pep talk’ – hearing others who are brimming with enthusiasm for sharing the good news of Jesus fans my own feeble flame.

Where to start?

Naomi Dawson has been one of my lockdown heroes, championing the opportunities of online as she exemplifies and equips others to reach out with the gospel in creative ways. She’s the founder of an organisation called Passion for Evangelism, which is committed to empowering women in public evangelism, through conferences, training, book clubs and other events. Her episode was a great encouragement – she makes evangelism seem like the most natural thing in the world – and also a great challenge for churches to consider how they are equipping and encouraging both men and women in their congregations to be evangelists.

Do check out some of the other podcasts from Solas CPC on the website too.

Dr Ros Clarke

Ros Clarke hosts the weekly Church Society podcast available on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcast apps.