Lessons in the school of Covid

Life is tough: a fact that many of us comparatively prosperous Christians in the West have too easily forgotten.

In that sense, Covid is a wake-up call, reminding us of the reality of suffering in a broken world. But it is also an experience from which we must learn. As we continue to endure the pandemic, what are some of the things the Lord might want us to learn? Here are three possibilities:

In the first place, we cannot sing in our services. Our mouths are covered by masks. Might it be that our voices are silenced so that we might hear the voice of God more clearly? Has our singing become too focused on musical performance, and are too many of the words in our songs banal?

It’s not all about me

Secondly, we are reminded that church services are not about our personal preferences. Too often is heard the cry, ‘I don’t like it with face masks’ and ‘It is not the same’. Indeed; and both are true. But when has corporate worship ever been about our own comforts and wants? Perhaps these temporary inconveniences remind us that it has always and only ever been first and foremost about the Lord – and not primarily about ourselves.

Finally, perhaps the pandemic is a preparation for the greater persecution in the West that is to come: the time when our pastors and ministers are imprisoned, when our websites are shut down, and preaching Biblical truth is deemed offensive and made unlawful.

Richard Sibbes, the Puritan, said: ‘Christ’s work, both in the church and in the hearts of Christians, often goeth backward that it may go the better forward…. We learn to stand by falls, and get strength by weakness discovered; we take deeper root by shaking.’ May this be true for our churches in this day.

David Baker

Photograph: Anna Shvets.

One thought on “Lessons in the school of Covid

  1. It has been very disappointing to see so much obedience to government diktats simply because the government has imposed them. If ever there was a time for civil disobedience, it is now. During this Covid madness, at every step of the way the people have followed the rules and in return the screw has been tightened further. The multitudes of dutifully obedient mask wearers have rewarded us with another lockdown.

    There is little if any justification for any of the measures, which are inherently contradictory and represent an inexcusable infringement on our civil liberties. Mask wearers in Sweden, Norway or Estonia are likely to get the kind of looks that us dissenters get here. The reason given for the measures – “to keep people safe” – has manifested itself in mass conformism which is both insidious and misguided. The awful effects of lockdown will dwarf the relatively small number of people who have actually died of Covid-19.

    The rise of totalitarianism comes in different guises, and this time it is under the banner of a supposed “pandemic” which is but a blip on the radar compared to outbreaks in times past, and which has an overall recovery rate of about 99.94%. All that was required was for the government to trust the people to behave sensibly. Instead, it has embarked on a course of action that will not be stopped until enough people refuse to abide by the rules, or until there are enough people in Parliament who will repeal the Coronavirus legislation. Those waiting for the latter could be waiting for a very long time.

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