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Table Theology (TT) describes itse;f as a place where you can be vulnerable and open. It is a table where you can share your ideas, doubts, and questions about theology. The table is a place for criticism in a safe environment surrounded by friends and family.

TT is a podcast written and co-hosted by Josh Harris (not to be confused with Joshua Harris of I Kissed Dating Goodbye), Ryan Wright and Sam Stoddard.

In this episode (8), the guest is Justin Brierley from Premier Christianity’s Unbelievable?. He hosts the Unbelievable? radio show and podcast on Premier Christian Radio, as well as the Ask N.T. Wright Anything podcast. He is Theology and Apologetics Editor for Premier Christian Radio.

Wright (who is hosting solo in this episode) and Brierley begin by discussing Brierley’s testimony and how he came to be presenting with Premier. Brierley’s book (Unbelievable? Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian) is also discussed.

This podcast started in September 2020 and has featured some great guests. Jon Steingard, Greg Boyd and Alisa Childers to name a few.

Airtime for different views

Much like Brierley on Unbelievable?, the guys at TT are not shy to bring those who they disagree with or those who they know have a differing theology or worldview onto their show and give them airtime to bring their arguments. The idea of this podcast is not to debate, but to provide those with differing views a platform to tell their story.

I hope in the coming weeks and months that this podcast will attract more popular names to bolster the conversation between those of differing views.

Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown is learning on the job by helping to pastor a church in South Africa.