Under the knife

Knives. They can do incredible good or devastating harm. In the hand of a surgeon they can save a life, while, as we have seen in London over the last few weeks, in the hands of another they can bring life to an end.

Knife crime is not an easy problem to solve. I agree with former Chief Superintendent John Sutherland when he said: ‘We need a long term plan for dealing with knife crime… We need to understand that, when problems have been a generation or more in the making, they might just take a generation or more to mend. We have got to get beyond the relentless demand for quick fixes’.

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Why is the personhood of embryos debated?


Dr Calum MacKellar reflects on the image of God in human beings



Roger Weil shares his notes on the subject from Dr Lloyd-Jones’ ministry



John Stevens, Director of FIEC, considers some profound implications of the tragedy


The Shack: re-inventing God

Image from the film’s promotional material – image: http://www.imdb.com


It hit the screens in June. Church leaders – are you ready to guard the flock?

The gospel in African soil


Why is Africa so prone to falling foul of pernicious prosperity teaching?

Would you be up for this?

Part of the Gracemount estate


Tim Challies tells us a story of a new church on a deprived Scottish estate which of course is a story about Jesus too…

What is John MacArthur’s secret?

John McArthur


He is best known for his internationally syndicated Christian teaching radio programme Grace to You and has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since February, 1969. He is also currently is the President of The Master’s University in Newhall, California and The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. His teaching reaches thousands upon thousands around the world.

Standing against the revolution

photo : iStock


Dr Lisa Nolland warns us against apathy in the face of ‘progressive’ education on sexuality in our schools and universities

Life is Christ, death is gain

Peter Jensen


Here is the world’s stark truth: you are either alive or you are nothing…