Machines taking over?


The author, who is a research director for the Jubilee Centre (a Christian ‘think tank’ based in Cambridge), opens this book by looking at digital currency, the best know of which is Bitcoin.

Understanding WEIRD people and more

It is definitely not a Christian book and yet it contains a great deal that Christians will be pleased to see. I hope it might even be a ray of light heralding the dawn of a rethink for Western attitudes so benighted by crass liberalism, reactionary conservatism and deadening political correctness.

Question of evil


This latest contribution to the beautifully designed, multi-coloured, logo-embossed ‘Questions Christians Ask’ series tackles a question that is undeniably relevant. Confronted by events in the wider world, and rocked by tragedies in our own lives, we are all tempted at times to doubt that God really is in control. This book reassures us that he is sovereign and good, and helps us understand how that can be in the face of so much suffering.

‘Perfectly preserved’?

Islamic missionaries often claim that the Qur’an has been miraculously preserved from alteration, and that its text is exactly the same throughout the world.

Thank you, Dr. Carson

Like many of the contributors to this volume, I find myself, as a Christian and a minister, very much in Don Carson’s debt. For that reason, I consider this festschrift in honour of his 70th birthday to be well-deserved and welcome.

Love in 2nd place

Gosling and Stone | photo: Dale Robinette


Picture a multi-lane highway with traffic at a standstill under a blazing sun and a young woman getting out of her car and beginning to sing and dance…

Bang-on biography

Being involved with supporting the work of missionaries across the world, this book has made me very thankful for the ease of travel and communication that we enjoy today.

Importing Faith

Messages preached to churches all over the world, stadiums packed full of people and millions more watching on TV, all mean that there is a very real need for us to understand and answer the false teaching of the ‘Prosperity Gospel.’

Last word is ‘Hope’

K2-SO | photo: Disney

K2-SO | photo: Disney


‘A rebellion built on hope.’ That’s the tagline for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Similarly, Avengers director Joss Whedon once said: ‘The best form of rebellion is joy.’

Clearly good news


Are you hoping to have non-Christian folk visit your church over Christmas to hear the gospel?