In days of old when Knights were bold

Zoe Carter lives in Edinburgh and has a website of Bible craft ideas. She also writes and illustrates books for young children. These two are the latest in her ‘Wise Owl’ series. Others in the series pick up on themes from Proverbs; these are about Ecclesiastes.

Since many adult Christians don’t know quite what to make of Ecclesiastes and tend to ignore it, this is a bold move. Out of respect for its intended audience, it is not a comprehensive treatment, but it picks up on major themes.

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Meeting Jonathan

When Chantal was 37 weeks pregnant, she and her husband Christopher were involved in a car crash.

Following their son’s traumatic birth, they were told that it was highly unlikely that he would ever walk, talk, feed himself, or even recognise his parents. Life was soon a nonstop round of hospital visits and operations – all against the backdrop of Christopher’s work as a church minister.

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Pilate’s ring?

Archaeology deals in rubbish.

The debris and detritus of past civilizations is unearthed by excavators, sometimes to be identified, sometimes misidentified, sometimes stored away and forgotten.

One such piece of rubbish looks like being one of the most significant recent discoveries, with a direct connection to a biblical character. Though when I say ‘recent’ this particular artefact was actually found 50 years ago and only identified this year through modern technological methods.

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Politics: a mucky business

One of my enduring memories from my early days of politics at university is a Christian mate of mine saying to me: ‘You need to give up on all that politics. It’s a mucky business’.

A mucky business. Many people of all faiths and none wouldn’t trust a politician as far as they can throw them just for the simple fact of their vocation, no additional information required. Why? At least in part their failure, perceived or actual, to deliver on their promises. To stick to their word. Manifesto after manifesto has come and gone, leaving those that voted for them hollow and disillusioned. The current Brexit negotiations are a case in point.

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Simpo’s stress-busting tips


Christmas is still one of the best opportunities for presenting the momentous news of the Saviour born on earth.

I’m astounded by the numbers of people who fill our church buildings and offices each year, and how easy it is to invite friends and neighbours to hear the gospel spoken and sung.

For church music groups this can be the most stressful time of the year because of high expectations, but quite often we create the pressure ourselves by trying to do too much. If we feel we have to start rehearsing our Christmas music in October or even September, we might have bitten off a bit more than we can chew.

However, we want to do a good job, so here are a few tips that might help take some of the stress away.

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New converts


Nothing encourages a church like people becoming Christians.

When genuine conversions are happening, the whole of church life seems to be reinvigorated. Our worship becomes more passionate because we know God has been at work. Our fellowship is stimulated because the church is growing – new babies always bring a warm glow to a family. Our evangelism is given new momentum – we feel that the our outreach is making an impact. Christians moving into the area and joining is fine, but it is nothing like as good as seeing salvation.

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Is The Church under judgement?


Where is God? That is a question that needs to be asked in the midst of the present situation.

God does not appear to be at work in the church. The number attending church is in steep decline. Christianity is being marginalised and held up to ridicule by many. Efforts are being made to stem the tide. Schemes are drawn up to reach out to the churchless masses in our nation. Special prayer meetings are held for revival. But it seems that the heavens are as brass. There is a spiritual dearth in the land.

What can we do about it? To some this is not a matter of concern. They believe that God exists for man’s convenience. He provides a salvation which is to be had for the asking. The growth of the church is in their hands. For them, pragmatism is the order of the day.

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