John Stevens, Director of FIEC, considers some profound implications of the tragedy


Time to prepare


“Christians have a tragic ability to fall out with each other. While the Holy Spirit seeks unity in the gospel, we often do the devil’s work for him…”

The Shack: re-inventing God

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It hit the screens in June. Church leaders – are you ready to guard the flock?

Digital souls?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai | photo: wiki


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that excites some and frightens others. But, whatever our reaction, it is increasingly becoming a big part of the technological landscape…

Algeria: God has raised up His church

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‘God is enlarging our dream.’

The gospel in African soil


Why is Africa so prone to falling foul of pernicious prosperity teaching?

Would you be up for this?

Part of the Gracemount estate


Tim Challies tells us a story of a new church on a deprived Scottish estate which of course is a story about Jesus too…