Algeria: God has raised up His church

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‘God is enlarging our dream.’

Showing us the door

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In the run-up to the snap General Election, called by Theresa May for 8 June, Rico Tice was interviewed for Radio 4’s Today regarding the issue. If Christians are seen as inherently unfit for public office because of their beliefs, it would effectively mean that we are excluded from the ‘inclusive’ society.

Don’t express beliefs…

Sarah Kuteh


“You can’t know in advance whether someone would be offended by a comment.”

Cave time

Chris Sinkinson with the grandson of Kando, the dealer who brought the Dead Sea Scrolls to light, and one of the few original Dead Sea Scroll jars.


February 2017 saw the announcement across all news media of the discovery of a new Dead Sea Scrolls cave…

Question of evil


This latest contribution to the beautifully designed, multi-coloured, logo-embossed ‘Questions Christians Ask’ series tackles a question that is undeniably relevant. Confronted by events in the wider world, and rocked by tragedies in our own lives, we are all tempted at times to doubt that God really is in control. This book reassures us that he is sovereign and good, and helps us understand how that can be in the face of so much suffering.

Beauty from brokenness

Emotions at the wedding

Emotions at the wedding


One of the two sisters brutally gang-raped by three young Muslim men at gunpoint in Jaranwala, Pakistan, during November 2014, was married to a loving Christian husband on 20 December 2016.

Christianity without apology?

Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung


Kevin DeYoung asks if it is biblical for Christians to defend their rights…