Would you be up for this?

Part of the Gracemount estate


Tim Challies tells us a story of a new church on a deprived Scottish estate which of course is a story about Jesus too…

Glasgow: Planting the gospel

Paul Brennan


Paul Brennan brings us up-to-date with new congregations linked to The Tron Church in Glasgow

Leaving a big church?

These days church planting and revitalisation are, rightly, on the agenda for us…

Tilehurst launch

ChristChurch Tilehurst launched on 4 September, having first been established as a congregation from Carey Baptist Church in Reading.

Neil Richardson, Alex Lyell, Mike Sohn, Richard Perkins (Director of Antioch), Pete Taylor, Alex Brito, Sam Stephenson, Mike Reith, Dong-O Kim

Neil Richardson, Alex Lyell, Mike Sohn, Richard Perkins (Director of Antioch), Pete Taylor, Alex Brito, Sam Stephenson, Mike Reith, Dong-O Kim


The Antioch Plan is recruiting again…

Second crack at London

Brussels sprouts a new church

Brussels is the centre of the European Union around which the debate about Britain’s membership is raging.

The plant team for Brussels

The plant team for Brussels

God has his people in that city and a new church plant began recently. Naomi Pilgrem takes up the story. ‘Why do we need another church? Our church is small and there aren’t enough of us as it is!’

The person asking that question was genuine and servant-hearted and this was their gut reaction to hearing that we were planning, under God, to leave the church we had been members of for five years in order to plant a new one in a neighbouring borough of Brussels.

In many ways, such a reaction is understandable. The church in Belgium is weak, the ground is hard, trained Bible teachers are few, finances are very limited and evangelicals make up a negligible percentage of the overall population. So the desire to bunker down and try and solidify what is in existence is in many ways legitimate and necessary.

God uses the weak

And yet, over the course of history, we see again and again that our sovereign God chooses to use that which is weak to accomplish his glorious purposes. And when we think that we know the Bread of Life and that two miles down the road, in the next borough, there are 50,000 people dying of spiritual hunger without access to a Francophone church where the gospel is clearly proclaimed…(to read more click here)

Naomi Pilgrem

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Migrant influx and the assisted suicide bill…(September issue highlights)

Coming up in the September issue of Evangelicals Now…

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