Time to prepare


“Christians have a tragic ability to fall out with each other. While the Holy Spirit seeks unity in the gospel, we often do the devil’s work for him…”

The Shack: re-inventing God

Image from the film’s promotional material – image: http://www.imdb.com


It hit the screens in June. Church leaders – are you ready to guard the flock?

The gospel in African soil


Why is Africa so prone to falling foul of pernicious prosperity teaching?

Churches & OFSTED update

Lord Nash | photo: Wiki


An outcry by Christians over plans to register and inspect Sunday schools is forcing the Government to ‘tread carefully’ over the matter, it emerged in mid-January.

Polarised society

The election of Trump and Brexit are seen as part of a conservative (small c) backlash against multi-culturalism and the moves towards globalism of recent years. ‘The world has changed’, we are told.

Forgiveness was new to us, but not to our language


Today, 95% of the Umanakaina people follow Jesus.

New formats for old cultures

A Naro man listens to the Word of God in his mother tongue

A Naro man listens to the Word of God in his mother tongue


‘We went to church for many years, but it wasn’t until we saw the Jesus Film in our own language that we understood that Jesus died for our sins.’