What is John MacArthur’s secret?

John McArthur


He is best known for his internationally syndicated Christian teaching radio programme Grace to You and has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since February, 1969. He is also currently is the President of The Master’s University in Newhall, California and The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California. His teaching reaches thousands upon thousands around the world.

Switching fields

Gavin and Amanda Peacock | photo: JEB


Former Chelsea player Gavin Peacock tells us about his move from football to pastoral ministry.

Leicester: reaching sex workers

For more than 12 months, Becky and Sarah have been reaching out with the gospel to women in prostitution in Leicester, and below is a personal account of the ministry of Saffires.

Indiana Jones and the chapel of rest

…As they disappear from the library Dr Jones shouts back to the students something that has always stuck with me: ‘If you want to be a good archaeologist you’ve got to get out of the library!’…

Oldies growing the church

Have you noticed the nature of old age changing? | photo: iStock

Have you noticed the nature of old age changing? | photo: iStock


People are living full, healthy lives for much longer. ‘85 is when old age begins!’ emblazoned a headline some months ago. In the press around the Queen’s birthday earlier this year we read about people in their 90s and even 100s still working, still running business, still living very full lives.

Be encouraged


‘I’m gonna live for ever!’ went the song for the 80s TV series Fame and speaks of people wanting to be so famous everyone will know their name in entertainment history. This expresses well the ambition of so many, judging by the contestants of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, which actually seems to prove the opposite!

Vaughn Roberts

Vaughn Roberts


I was vulnerable physically, spiritually, morally and emotionally and that things needed to change…

Leaders who last