Algeria: God has raised up His church

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‘God is enlarging our dream.’

Would you be up for this?

Part of the Gracemount estate


Tim Challies tells us a story of a new church on a deprived Scottish estate which of course is a story about Jesus too…

Mixing mission


Churches need to understand the various messages that have caused them to hold their current view of missions.

Oldham: Church for all

Church members reach out in the open air


…what makes the place so intriguing is that it is home to a very diverse congregation, especially a growing Iranian Christian community fleeing from persecution.

9 Years of explosive growth

Shadrach Lukwago


We should be encouraged and challenged by how God chooses to use his people, and make sure we are part of it.

Awakening Latin America

The Doulos in port | photo: OM


For the first half of the 20th century, Latin America was an almost exclusively Catholic continent. Though the gospel had been preached in Latin countries for decades, the local evangelical church hadn’t grown significantly. In 1970, only 4% of the population identified as evangelical and the continent was still considered a mission field. But this was about to change.

Missional motherhood

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Gloria Furman on how the Second Coming throws a new light on being a mother