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Gloria Furman on how the Second Coming throws a new light on being a mother

Fit to burst (book review)

FIT TO BURST Fit to Burst
Abundance, mayhem and the joys of motherhood
By Rachel Jankovic
Canon Press. 128 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 1 591 281 283

If you’re a mum with little kids, seeking to follow Jesus in how to raise them, and don’t have time to read this review, let alone a whole book — then Fit to Burst: Abundance, Mayhem and the Joys of Motherhood is for you.

If you’re anything like me, then you battle through the territory of motherhood with a mixture of deep happiness, total confusion, laughter and frustrated despair. But author and mother of six, Rachel Jankovic, knows all about this too and tells us first hand of her own ups and downs in living with small children.

This book covers all kinds of troubles the mum at home can face, but I found chapters 5 and 6 especially helpful as they reassured me it’s okay to run out of energy and have a life that feels ‘messy’, because, after all, Paul told us in the Bible to run the race with perseverance and God created us to be in training for Christ-like-ness, not just to suddenly arrive at a place where everything was sorted, then sit around until Jesus comes back. I also love the reminder that, while salvation is free to us, it cost God everything in Jesus and that’s the reason, with gratitude, that we are not obliged, but free to give ourselves gladly and sacrificially in the hard work of serving our kids.

I found this book so encouraging, challenging and a great motivator to just grab what’s before me with both hands, engage and enjoy these little years, not just kind of survive them, as I sometimes do. After all, they are going by fast!

Even if you aren’t a big reader (I’m not), or are blessed with the kid who only naps for 20 minutes, don’t be put off, because chapters are so short you’ll be able to get through this book easily. I really can’t recommend it highly enough for any Christian mum who’s lost her rose-tinted glasses down the back of the sofa with the popcorn and needs a pick-me-up to move forwards in the awesome task of motherhood. Don’t miss it!

You can also find Rachel Jankovic blogging in these places — Feminagirls, The Resurgence and Desiring God.

Martha Moger, wife and mum to two small boys and passionate about blogging 
to encourage and inspire young mums in their life for Jesus (http://www.gidsyandjo.co.uk)


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Loving the little years – motherhood in the trenches (book review)

LOVING THE LITTLE YEARS Loving the little years

Motherhood in the trenches
By Rachel Jankovic
Canon Press. 102 pages. £7.50
ISBN 978 1 591 280 811

If you are a mother, know any mothers or one day hope to be a mother, then this book is for you.

In this book, Rachel Jankovic humorously unfolds the biblical wisdom garnered from raising five children. Its chapters, which can be read in a few minutes, consistently apply the Scriptures to the everyday challenges faced in discipling little ones. One clear way that this comes through is in the reminder that child-rearing often illuminates our own weaknesses and failings which in turn should cause us to run to the throne of grace. In other words, children are often used by God to help us become more the children he wants us to be. Thus, instead of viewing children as constant bothers, Rachel encourages the reader to take the long-term view and to consider children as a God-given blessing constantly aiding us in our sanctification. Ultimately, Jankovic’s book manages to amuse, encourage, rebuke and train in righteousness and if you’d like to bless any mothers, this book would be a fitting present.

Kiprotich Chelashaw, 
curate at St. James’s Parish Church, Audley, near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire


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