Time to prepare


“Christians have a tragic ability to fall out with each other. While the Holy Spirit seeks unity in the gospel, we often do the devil’s work for him…”

Showing us the door

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In the run-up to the snap General Election, called by Theresa May for 8 June, Rico Tice was interviewed for Radio 4’s Today regarding the issue. If Christians are seen as inherently unfit for public office because of their beliefs, it would effectively mean that we are excluded from the ‘inclusive’ society.

Understanding WEIRD people and more

It is definitely not a Christian book and yet it contains a great deal that Christians will be pleased to see. I hope it might even be a ray of light heralding the dawn of a rethink for Western attitudes so benighted by crass liberalism, reactionary conservatism and deadening political correctness.

Don’t express beliefs…

Sarah Kuteh


“You can’t know in advance whether someone would be offended by a comment.”

Polarised society

The election of Trump and Brexit are seen as part of a conservative (small c) backlash against multi-culturalism and the moves towards globalism of recent years. ‘The world has changed’, we are told.

Oldies growing the church

Have you noticed the nature of old age changing? | photo: iStock

Have you noticed the nature of old age changing? | photo: iStock


People are living full, healthy lives for much longer. ‘85 is when old age begins!’ emblazoned a headline some months ago. In the press around the Queen’s birthday earlier this year we read about people in their 90s and even 100s still working, still running business, still living very full lives.

Prayer fuel: News in the UK

Prayer FuelHere are a handful of news-bites from around the UK included in the December issue of en. May these spur us on to pray for our country and issues we all are facing.

Christians = terrorists?

Pro-marriage and pro-life Christians have been listed next to terrorists by a group of secularists and atheists in a manifesto calling for the establishment of an ‘international front against the religious-right and for secularism’, launched in mid-October.
Signed by homosexual-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the National Secular Society’s president Terry Sanderson and prominent atheist A C Grayling, concerns have been raised that genuine concern about murderous terrorists is being hijacked to attack evangelical Christians. The Christian Institute

NI: against exploitation

The Northern Ireland Assembly voted in mid-October to criminalise paying for sex, and voted to support the introduction of statutory child trafficking guardians alongside statutory victim support.
In voting for these provisions Northern Ireland now leads the way in having the very best anti-trafficking and exploitation legislation in the UK. CARE

The Prince & persecution

Muslim leaders have a duty to warn their own followers about the ‘indescribable tragedy’ of the persecution of Christians around the world, Prince Charles insisted in November.
He said that faith leaders must not remain silent. His comments coincided with the publication of a new report which concludes that Christians are the ‘most persecuted religious minority’ in the world and that Muslim countries dominate the list of places where religious freedom is most under threat. The Daily Telegraph

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