Evangelicals Now (EN) is a monthly newspaper containing enlightening news from Christians worldwide, encouraging articles and Bible teaching, and engaging book, CD and film reviews. EN exists to promote the evangelical Christian faith through media. It seeks to be sound and firm on the essentials of the Christian faith, while providing a forum where Christians can air differing points of view within a biblical framework.

EN is an independent newspaper, with a clearly evangelical statement of faith, that seeks to encourage readers in their knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and the times in which we live. EN is independent of any one denomination, organisation or individual. But the editors are accountable to a board of directors and a reference group of forty or so men and women ‘members’ drawn from across the denominations to whom the editors are accountable.

We encourage lively debate between those who love the gospel of grace and who look to the Bible as their ultimate source of authority. Apart from what is of first importance for the the Biblical gospel EN is not trying to establish an orthodoxy on issues over which Christians will come to different conclusions. So from time to time you are certain to read articles expressing views on things that you disagree with in the newspaper! But that does not mean that these approaches are the views of the editors – or a view that EN is trying to promote. Our role is to both reflect the variety of opinion within Biblical evangelicalism, and to be a platform for honest debate and interaction.

Please feel free to enter the conversation about these things in a constructive and humble spirit. We are happy to publish letters and articles expressing contrary views, that contribute to the discussion, so long as they maintain the standards incumbent on all believers to speak the truth in love and to build one another up. (A rule of thumb might be: do not write anything you would not want your mother to read.)

The newspaper is distributed nationally and is also available online. Subscriptions can be ordered via the website or by emailing subs@e-n.org.uk. Any comments posted by fans or followers do not necessarily reflect the views held by EN.

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