Facing the finances


How’s the money in your church? I hope there’s enough and I hope you pay your pastor adequately (1 Timothy 5.17, 18). Without a proper salary he will worry about his family bills and that is bound to affect his ministry adversely. Churches who underpay their preacher tend to suffer spiritually. The ‘keep him poor, keep him humble’ attitude in some churches is appalling…

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Digging deep in the valleys


Mark Pickett talks to three young pastors working hard in churches in the Valleys of South Wales…

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Wakefield sees progress


There is nothing quite like the baptism of recent converts for encouraging a church. That was the blessing enjoyed just two weeks before Christmas by Grace Church Wakefield, a church-planting venture from Dewsbury Evangelical Church

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India: Evangelists imprisoned, 30 converted in jail!


After being framed on false charges of converting Hindus, two Christians in eastern India spent a month in jail where they saw 30 people converted to Christ!

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The amazing living cell


Dr John Peet explains a little about the complexity of life’s building blocks

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Strange encouragement


Our God is really there, sometimes he reminds us of this in unexpected ways.

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Closure on a closure


Some months ago, the church I served as pastor for over 15 years worshipped together for the last time.

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