Trust climbs down


On 6 August, the National Trust reversed a decision to enforce the wearing of gay pride badges for all its volunteers at a Norfolk property after 10% of them resigned.

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US: ‘Infanticide is good’


Newborn babies should be killed if they have a severely life-limiting condition, a professor claimed in mid-July.

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Love of money at the BBC

The nationally funded broadcaster fought ‘tooth and nail’ to keep the secret.

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After the reign?


Bishop Nazir-Ali thinks through what the next monarch should commit to do.

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Imaginative retelling

file_2igog567xllo5ofwkr3han3ov3v4iaurSet in Judea during the early decades of the first century AD, Through Martha’s Eyes is a historical novel that offers the reader a glimpse into family and community life during the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry.

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Turin Shroud revisited


Chris Sinkinson looks at new evidence that has emerged about the Turin Shroud.

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China bans religious beliefs for party


The Chinese Government in July banned members of the country’s ruling Communist Party from holding any religious beliefs…

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