More attacks in Nigeria

Narrow excapes after ‘shooting in all directions’

A mother and her children killed on the way to a health facility

Upsetting the parents


Parents at a Church of England primary school who complained about specific Christian teaching at the school alleging it was ‘extreme’, succeeded, in mid-October, in banning a Christian group who weren’t even responsible for the teaching they opposed.

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India: Attack after conversions


Weeks after a pastor led five families to faith in Christ in southern India, masked men on motorbikes intercepted him on his way home from worship on 5 October and tried to kill him…

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Coding for Christians


Over the weekend of 20-22 October 2017, more than 90 people gathered at Innovation Warehouse in London.

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Three new pastors in Alverstoke, Bradford on Avon, and Dunstable


God continues to be faithful to his flock in the UK with the induction of three new pastors at evangelical churches…

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Devastated but blessed


While the war in Ukraine has largely been forgotten in the West, there is much encouragement to be found in the spiritual blessing God is pouring out on his church there…

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