‘They ate together with glad and sincere hearts.’ why don’t we?

New homes are being built near us, as in many places up and down the country. I can see them from our bedroom window.

I can only dream of living in one of these places – they’re completely out of my price bracket, but still, I couldn’t help but have a nose around the show home. I got ready for this exciting excursion by looking up the details online. After all, if you can’t afford something, it’s reassuring to know how much you can’t afford it.

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file_qt7eu4clms2jooo4dbb5evos66nrnnajOften when thinking about revivals our attention is drawn to particular places – to the villages, towns and cities where God worked in remarkable ways. Scotland Ablaze, however, tells the story of when revival gripped an entire nation.

This book covers the historical period between Tom Lennie’s previous works, Land of Many Revivals and Glory in the Glen, and gives a fascinating insight into the events of 1858-79 when revival was widespread across Scotland.

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Church Revitalisation by John Knox


Did you know that John Knox – the champion of the Scottish Reformation, the fearless preacher, the uncompromising prophet – was once defeated by a church business meeting?

Knox’s legend began early. Converted under the preaching of the early Scottish Reformer George Wishart, he became his sword-bearer, carrying a claymore to Wishart’s preaching engagements. After Wishart’s martyrdom, Knox became a preacher himself and his plain, fiery preaching won the hearts of English and Scottish alike. Standing up to the royal authorities, he constantly called Protestant leaders to resist any compromise, even when faced with persecution or exile (both of which he experienced).

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Under the knife

Knives. They can do incredible good or devastating harm. In the hand of a surgeon they can save a life, while, as we have seen in London over the last few weeks, in the hands of another they can bring life to an end.

Knife crime is not an easy problem to solve. I agree with former Chief Superintendent John Sutherland when he said: ‘We need a long term plan for dealing with knife crime… We need to understand that, when problems have been a generation or more in the making, they might just take a generation or more to mend. We have got to get beyond the relentless demand for quick fixes’.

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Latin America: Comentario is ‘A dream come true’

Launch events in several Latin American cities have celebrated the March publication of a new Spanish Bible commentary which has been 12 years in the making.

The single-volume hardback, Comentario Biblico Contemporaneo (CBC), is the work of more than 100 writers, representing most of the 16 Spanish-speaking countries in South and Central America.

The commentary, with an initial print run of 5,000, has been published jointly by Certeza Unida, the editorial branch of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) and Ediciones Kairós in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Cartwheels, bricks, marbles

Amanda vividly remembers the moment when she cried at her kitchen table in front of her three children.

At the time, her 14-year-old daughter was lying on the floor, her 12-year-old son had his head in his hands and her six-year-old girl was doing cartwheels around the room. Why the tears? Well, all this was happening in the middle of her family Bible time.

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