Calvin’s atrocities?

‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there’.

This famous first line by L.P. Hartley (1895–1972) in his novel The Go-Between (1953) has long been a favourite maxim that orients my teaching of history, for it is notoriously difficult to treat former eras of history with the degree of empathy that they need to make them understandable.

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Brave Men

Ernest Shackleton’s advert for volunteers for his Antarctic expedition may be mythical.

Nevertheless, it truly reflects the brave spirit of the men who went. ‘Men wanted for a hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, constant danger, safe return doubtful…’ But such ‘foolhardy’ courage is desperately needed today by evangelicalism in the West. This relates to two particular areas.

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Germany: Teen Outreach Europe

3,200 teenagers and adults from all over Europe (and beyond) came together to TeenStreet (TS) 2018 in Oldenburg for a week full of worship, Jesus, passion, life and fun.

As different as all the countries, cultures, backgrounds and churches might be, one thing connects everyone at TS: they know Jesus and want to grow closer in their relationship with him.

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Milestones 2019

Joy Horn flags up Christian anniversaries worth noting in the coming year.

Morgan Llwyd, said to be the first non-conformist minister in Wales, was born in 1619. Converted under Walter Cradock, he served as a chaplain in Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army and became minister in Wrexham. His books have influenced Welsh national consciousness and literature to the present day.

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Asian Christian Church in UK Celebrates 50 Years

Asian Christians from across the nation gathered together in early November to meet in prayer and harmony as they celebrated the formation of the first Asian Christian church in the UK, 50 years ago.

Groups from across the country presented testimonies of the growth of their own churches and their aspirations as they heard past accounts of the famous beginnings of the pioneers.

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Black boxes

End-time society will not be any kind of meaningful democracy.

We enjoy many benefits of democratic ideas. But the end-time world will be dominated by trade and the arrogant misuse of wealth (Revelation 18). The political landscape at the start of 2019 brings this apocalyptic vision to mind.

The violent gilets jaunes protests in Paris were supported by vast swathes of the French electorate of all political persuasions.

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In days of old when Knights were bold

Zoe Carter lives in Edinburgh and has a website of Bible craft ideas. She also writes and illustrates books for young children. These two are the latest in her ‘Wise Owl’ series. Others in the series pick up on themes from Proverbs; these are about Ecclesiastes.

Since many adult Christians don’t know quite what to make of Ecclesiastes and tend to ignore it, this is a bold move. Out of respect for its intended audience, it is not a comprehensive treatment, but it picks up on major themes.

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