USA: Faithful remnant


Only four out of 100 teenagers have a true biblical worldview, according to a new survey from the Barna Group, even though 59% of Generation Z teens say they are Christian or Catholic.

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Israel: Facing opposition


After opposition shut down a meeting centre for Messianic Jews in southern Israel last May, ultra-Orthodox Jews began harassing it again after it re-opened in January.

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China: Orwellian Education


All religious establishments in China will be bound by the new Regulations for Religious Affairs that came into force on 1 February amid reports that Christians are being sent to ‘re-education’ camps to re-orientate people to be loyal to the communist ideology…

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West African Damascus Road


What a story this is!

It’s about a Bible translation, a courageous act by one believer, an amazing vision and how God brought it all together to bring 2,500 people to faith.

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CEEC’s major statement

file_2kujfpycig2e23ki6lgrrihxtnwvczhxThe Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) has issued a landmark document designed to provide a united evangelical witness, as discussions about marriage and sexuality continue within Anglicanism.

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Christian discipleship


Barry Cooper, co-founder of Christianity Explored Ministries, encourages us to think about Discipleship Explored

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What makes a good church leader?

file_nao72iapawcbbuvt3jk4kzbq346ijs7xAny biography written by Iain Murray will be sought after by those who love church history and desire to learn from the lives of God’s saints.

Gareth Burke takes a look.

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