A marriage refreshed


Graham Heaps with a personal reflection on coming through a rough patch

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Re-jigging our colleges


I met with Mike Ovey before his untimely death.

We sat together in a coffee shop on Waterloo Station. He was concerned that a substantial percentage of the men who trained at Oak Hill were not lasting in the ministry. He talked of a ten-year watershed: if he could get them to hang on past that, then they would stay for life. But before that many dropped out. He got me thinking: are we training men for the ministry in the right way?…

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Heresy and heartache


Melvin Tinker reflects theologically on the half-truths of prominent Anglican, Jayne Ozanne

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The fight for our attention


You are having a conversation with someone when your phone buzzes, what do you do?

Pete Nicholas on the fight for our attention

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Taking a liberty

This was the unilateral announcement last October (2017) of two rogue members of Oxford’s Balliol College Junior Common Room Committee. This was to make the Balliol freshers’ fair a ‘safe, secular space’. This decision was subsequently overturned by an irate student body, but the incident caught the attention of the national media…

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Billy Graham – Living proclamation

Richard Bewes, former rector of All Souls, Langham Place, recalls his meetings with the great evangelist…

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‘We are good people’

file_zmylwwyxnifxdlfb2so6erqbowsw2lkvIn February The Times reported that it had discovered that Oxfam had allowed three men to resign and had sacked four others for gross misconduct after an enquiry concerning sexual exploitation and bullying in Haiti, when the aid agency sent workers in following the devastating earthquake there in January 2010. As the press got to work, Save the Children, BBC Media Action, Christian Aid and many others were caught up in similar stories..

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